ABH-B1 Single Headed Belted Bagger

Elegant design provides simple and easy operation. 
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ABH-B1 Single Headed Belted Bagger



Accurate, easy to read digital display eliminates underweights. Changing tare weight at head is quick and simple.


Best choice for apples, nuts, radishes, prunes or almost any type of produce. Handles weights from 3 to 25 pounds.


Best for mesh and polyethelene bags. Great for onions, potatoes and other hardy fruits and vegetables. Weight range from 10 to 50 pounds..


Constructed out of heavy duty steel, and covered in a very durable powder coated finish, these baggers are rugged and long lasting..

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ABH-B1 Single Lane Bagger Video

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Rugged, Accurate, Dependable

Low in cost, yet high in production, Northwest Baggers are simple to operate and maintain.


Works well for peeled/sliced potatoes, onions, candy, dogfood, charcoal, and much more.

Simple Easy Operation

The ABH-B1 Single Headed Bagger with cleated belt is simple and easy to operate. The cleated belt carries product up the conveyor, a more gentle process. The belted bagger was designed for small, slippery, or delicate product. The conveyor feeds directly into the bagger scoop and automatically stops when the desired weight is reached. Bagging heads can be changed quickly and easily. 350 to 450 bags per hour, 3-50 pound weights depending on type of head used.
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Electronic load cell assembly
Conical hoppers won't trap or damage fruit 
Conveyor feeds directly into bagger head, stops automatically when proper weight is reached 
Variable speed drive 
Runs on 110 VAC, no special power 
Easy to operate
Mounted on casters for ease of mobility

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